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Window Preservation Service

WindowAs part of an Allbar Installation, the condition of the window which we are protecting is taken into account, and a joinery preservation service can be utilised in cutting out decayed sections, and replacing rotten timber with resin and injecting remaining sound timber with Boron, which preserves and hardens the timber, and renders it totally immune to all known fungal decay.

Glass is re-puttied where necessary, openings eased, sash cords checked and replaced, new weights installed if required, and subject to feasibility, vertical hang sashes can be converted to side openers, particular suitable for upper apartments, for ease of cleaning.

During the preservation service, draught exclusion strips can be installed, which also prevent rattle, reduce heat loss, and improve sound insulation.

Our sister company, Alliance Preservation, has been undertaking this service for many years, and all Alliance Security Assessors are fully trained in surveying your windows for this service, and providing a fixed cost quotation.

A conditional 10 year guarantee can be issued for this work.

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