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Allbar Door Systems

Traditional door locks still follow a 2,000 year old design where the locking bolt is restrained in a keep no deeper than 25mm, very much as it was during Roman times. A strip lock was first developed in the UK in the late 1960's, and was featured on Tomorrow's World, and has been used successfully in many industrial and office cash room applications.

Allbar Secure Door

Allbar strip lock system is the latest version of a strip lock, and we have completely redesigned the lock which is now the full height of the door, restrained by a full height keep, which is shielded in a special steel casing, resistant to saw, crowbar and jemmy attack, and the full weight of any distress is distributed along a strip up to 2m in length, as apposed to the 25mm of a traditional 5 lever security lock.

Door Security
Allbar Maximum Security Door

The Allbar™ door system comprises a strip lock and hinge which is fitted to existing timber doors. Traditional locks take the full impact of any attack on the bolt alone. The Allbar™ system however, distributes the load along the whole length of a stainless steel strip. This means that instead of force being concentrated on a vulnerable few millimetres, it is distributed along a stainless steel barrier up to 2m in length. For extra resistance to attack, the doors can be reinforced by a metal plate concealed behind a timber panel which matches the original finish.

Our unique patent pending 2 metre long lock is equivalent in strength to a shot bolt and keep 30mm thick in a conventional lock.

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